MacPherson's Lament
Recorded by The Clancy Brothers on "Best of the Vanguard Years"
Suggested Key=G

1                                        5
Farewell, ye dungeons dark and drear, 
          1                       6m
Farewell, farewell to ye, 
          1                           5
MacPherson's live will no be long 
              1           4            5
Round yonder gallows-tree. 

Say rantingly and  say wantonly, 
Say dauntingly gaed he; 
He play'd a tune, and danc'd it round 
Below yon gallows-tree. 

Take off these bands from on my hands 
And give to me my sword 
For there's no a man in all Scotland 
But I'll brave him at his word 

Now there's some come here for to see me hung 
and some to buy my fiddle 
but before that I will part with her 
I'll break her through the middle. 

So he took his fiddle in both his hands 
And he broke it o'er a stone, 
Saying there's no other hand shall play on thee 
When I am dead and gone. 

The reprieve was coming o the Brig o' Banf
To set MacPherson free, 
But they put the clock a quarter before 
And they hanged him from a tree. 


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