200 Year Old Alcoholic

Recorded by Makem & Clancy on "The Makem & Clancy Concert"
Words & Music by Liam Clancy
Suggested Key=G

                       1          4           1                            4               1
When I was eighty I started smoking took to drinking at eighty-five
    4           1

At ninety I started courting

 2maj7                            5maj7

Thank God that I was alive.......


Ninety-five saw me in business

      4                  5

Determined to rake in the pile

      4                      5

At a hundred I made my first million

             4         5maj7     1

Then I started living in style

  5maj7      1
    Oh, it's never too late to start living

          4                                          1
    To get out and have some fun
            4                                                        5
    The sun will be just as shiny in the mornin'
                  4                     5maj7       1
    As the first day the world begun

Well I moved to an uptown penthouse
Used fifties to light my cigars

I developed a taste for fine champagne

And drove fast Italian cars......

But the doctor he give me a warning

And a lecture on right or wrong

If I didn't give up my sinful ways

I wouldn't live very long


Now I'm a 200 year old alcoholic
And the nicotine's caught up on me

But worst of all in this mornin's mail

I got a suit for Paternity

But I'm not really unhappy

Because maybe I'll have me a son

And his morning's will be just as shiny in the mornin'

As the first day the world begun

Chorus x2


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