A young Liam Clancy smiles for the camera.


Clancy Pictures*

The 60's

  • Album Cover (19k) - A B&W photo of Liam & the boys
  • In Concert (39k) - Liam & the boys perform for revelers
  • Marching (12k) - Clancys & Makem march down the road
  • Singing Out (7k) - A formal performance shot
  • Have A Pint (18k) - Liam & the gang, in style!
  • It's A Wrap! (7k) - Recording in the studio
  • On The Air (8k) or (42k) - The boys on TV
  • Naturally (17K) or (49k) - Music and shrubbery, two great tastes that go great together
  • Party Shot (15k) - Candid of the group (Thanks to Paddy)
  • Promo Photo (15k)- A Columbia era promo photograph

The 70's

  • Fashion Plate (13k) - Liam with a fan (Courtesy S. Barrett)
  • Uncommon (35k) or (83k) or (75k-wider view of stage)- Liam & Tom Clancy perform on Boston Common with Lou Killen

The 90's

  • Heavy Thought (45k) - Liam strikes a pensive pose at the infamous Mooney's Pub in Ring, Co. Waterford
  • In Print (14k) - Liam lands on the cover of Irish Music Magazine in March, 1996
  • 3 Musical Men (99k) - Clancy, O'Connell, & Clancy promo
  • Laughter in Ring (37k) - Liam & Donál Clancy enjoy a laugh with Robbie O'Connell near Liam's house in Ireland

    The 00's
  • What's Up Doc? (233k) - Liam receives his Doctor of Letters degree from the Univ. of Limerick
  • Robed Ballader & Bearded Shantyman (197k) - Dr. Liam with old friend and shanty singer Pat Sheridan
  • The Doctors Are In (251k) - Dr. Liam and Dr. Tommy Makem pose for a photo after the ceremony

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