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Wheels of Life

“The Wheels of Life”, documents the work Liam had been doing in recent years and includes a compelling version of Shane McGowan’s beautiful autobiographical tune “The Broad Majestic Shannon” and a powerful rendering of Paul Brady’s classic “Follow On”. There are also touching duets with two of Ireland ‘s finest female vocalists, folk singer Mary Black and Rock singer-songwriter Gemma Hayes. The Album ends with three bonus live tracks featuring guest appearances from Donovan and Tom Paxton joining Liam’s regular musicians Kevin Evans and Paul Grant with members of traditional Irish band Danú including singer Muireann NicAmhlaoibh and Slide fiddler Daire Bracken.

Liam is joined on stage for a number of remarkable performances by Odetta, Tom Paxton, Shane MacGowan, Eric Bibb, Fionn Regan, and Gemma Hayes.
Over fifty years after the Clancy Brothers and Tommy Makem made their first recordings during the heady days of the New York folk revival, celebrated folk singer Liam Clancy returns to Greenwich Village for a unique music event. Specially staged and filmed before an invited audience at the legendary Bitter End club, this concert is a rare and intimate portrait of one of the greatest ballad singers of our time.

In 2006 Dolphin Records released Liam Clancy’s greatest hits double CD “The Essential Liam Clancy”. The album was the biggest selling folk album in Ireland in 2006 and inspired Liam to return to the studio for the first time in over a decade to record a new album.

“The Wheels of Life”, released October 31st, 2008 documents the work Liam had been doing in recent years and includes a compelling version of Shane McGowan’s beautiful autobiographical tune “The Broad Majestic Shannon” and a powerful rendering of Paul Brady’s classic “Follow On”.

There are also touching duets with two of Ireland ‘s finest female vocalists, folk singer Mary Black and Rock singer-songwriter Gemma Hayes. The Album ends with three bonus live tracks featuring guest appearances from Donovan and Tom Paxton. Joining Liam’s regular musicians Kevin Evans and Paul Grant and members of traditional Irish band Danú including singer Muireann NicAmhlaoibh and Slide fiddler Daire Bracken.

“The Wheels of Life” is clear and bright, capturing the work of one of the last great troubadours of the 20th century.

Available from All Major Record Shops in Republic of Ireland

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Bold Real Estate Training Tips

So I get there’s a little bit of energy about what’s gonna happen this year 2020 right? Yeah, how many people here, when 2016 hit, you know, then the next day, and you’re recovering from the hangover of whatever you were doing, you actually had the opportunity to say to yourself Ahhh, I gotta do it all again! Nobody in the room went there? Awesome! You guys are way too positive you know the thing that’s interesting about moving from year to year what we’ve discovered in our company is that it takes a little bit of something different. . . to make it different. That was really profound, wasn’t it? That’s what you get for me really simple stuff, and if you get into the routine of doing everything over again the same way that we started you get the same thing right it’s the definition of insanity you know really trying to do the same thing again and hoping it changes, so what we’re gonna cover today is something slightly different


Today’s talk is called be boldBe bold five strategies for increasing or really amplifying your life and your business and I’m gonna give you some simple thingsWe’re gonna actually do a little bit of coaching, so you can write some notes have some fun and we’re gonna be here two and a half three hours right how much trouble can I get into in that much time right? Alright, so we’re gonna do this we’re gonna have some fun, but I want to tell you but the journey not necessarilyYeah, sometimes you get me talking I can’t stop it’s okay, so want to start off with some simple thoughts because when I started the be bold concept in my mindWe’re gonna put a whole program togetherI’m gonna talk about that a little bit later and everybody can get involved and it’s gonna be exciting but I want to talk today about the journey a bowl because when I started to look at what bold was I? 

Did some of what I would call research? Right, and I spent hours researching bold and here’s bold in the dictionary a person action or idea showing an ability to take confident and courageous now I that’s where I started confident and courageous from there I went into oh my goodness what does that all mean looking at all the different things and I discovered some interesting things.  

I’m going to share it today.  It’s awesome interesting Did you know that the journey of bold is really about how you deal with fear? Think about that for a minute, right because when you say somebody’s bold It’s got something to do with fear, right? It’s got something to do with their awareness of risk, it’s got something to do with emotion bold is a journey in fear.  It’s about the techniques we use, so let’s talk about that today because that’s really exciting to me first start off on our journey to bold and We say that we’re confident we are confident the first step of being bold hey. 

Yeah, I’m confident.  I’m gonna go into business for myself right you have no idea.  What risks are coming you have no idea what the trench will look like and you’re just excited, and you’re really unaware it’s kind of an innocence, right?confidenceConfidence.  It’s interesting to know that confidence is where we start how many people have been confident before right it’s that feeling of yeah.  Yeah, I think I can do that.  I saw somebody else do that, that’s easy, right? I’ve done that a few times in my life you know try to do different things looked easy at the time, and then when I started doing it. It was a way different scenario, right?

Confidence where we start off unaware unknowledgeable not really a lot of emotion behind it and when we start off in confidence it’s really not that hard. We don’t have to have a whole bunch of internal skills to manage our emotions because it’s all good.  We’re not stressed out Its fun right when you started your business.  Do you know where you excited say yes Okay, were you confident? You know that you could do something good because maybe had some great skills yes, right and then what happened, reality check right no actually what happened was you know you certainly run into some stuff, but everything changing you now have to become courageous you have to become courageous why because at the moment when you start to realize what you’re running into you are now aware of the risk you are now aware of your fear ah Yeah, we football they freak out moments no high tech right it’s when you’re in your house, you’re good, right?

When you suddenly realize that there’s no more finances that people don’t really just want to buy your goods and services just because you’re really great at what you do and that you might have to learn how to do that word that S word.  That’s four letters and it says the sale is it right? Yeah, most people would rather die than do sales right Mary’s laughing in the back.  You know it’s true, though right because it’s kind of like public speaking the biggest fear.  We’ve got is public speaking why well they say that you know if you know most people have such a fear about public speaking They’d rather be in the coffin and doing the eulogy Right You do both. 

It’s awesome So you know it takes courage to know what you’re up against and know what you’re gonna go through and to know how much it’s gonna hurt and to know the pain that you’re gonna be in and you have to make a decision notice the wordI’m using the decision to actually take that on the right if you’ve ever been in business before and you started a new business you were kind of aware what you were gonna go through but it’s still a journey right how many people are what I call repeat offenders when you start in your second adventure, or you’re you know not the third but the second venture didn’t you have a kind of a clue that you were gonna go through some stress? Right, but you have felt a little bit more courageous and confident right because you knew the journey you knew it was gonna. 

Be easy, but you decided to take it on anyway right, I tell people you know I’ve been married more than once got to tell you the second time around you’re gonna go now what I’m in for I Have no idea why it happened this way right you learn, that’s courageous, right? and there’s a lot of times that we get the words mixed up and we Get courageous bold we get courageous and all kinds of different wording for bold but the fact of the matter is if you know the risk that you’re gonna take and you feel the emotion and you start to learn to manage that emotion you’re now courageous.  

How many people had a courageous moment recently right the MasterCard is coming downright it’s in the mail right or something happened you know when you had to make a decision mentally to turn around and not allow yourself to respond to the feelings that you were having maybe it’s that client.  That said can you lower your price? Right never happens to anybody else in this room, rightWell, why should I choose you and they say like that to you? Right, that’s courageous when you stand there and say the reasonI’m gonna be able to do a great job for you this that’s courageous because you know the risk you know what you’re going through and you’re now courageous after crate just what comes getting close you Guys are cheating cooking know what?

Why well because when you’re brave you are aware of the feeling of fear but you have managed it to such a high level that you really don’t physically respond to fears somebody jumping into a burning building you know somebody on the street going in saving their family are they confident courageous or brave wrong it’s again wrong so again they know what they’re going into they know they may not survive, but they are so motivated by emotion that they have to be courageous. The firefighter that goes in who’s had an enormous amount of training? Manages his emotion or her emotion and understands the risks that they’re going into and they are brave because they take the risk anyway.

They don’t have the freakout moments because they’ve learned to manage the freakout moments by extending your Asst Training and exposing themselves to the conditions does that make sense right? See how we get the words all messed up right how many people had a brave moment this last year you’ll know when you have one because you know you should be fearful and filled with fear or you should be shaking your head going.  I know I shouldn’t be doing this and you do it anyway and you don’t bother to take the time to be scared right it’s like when you’re at the edge of the plane door and the doors open and you got the parachute on and you say to yourself? Oh, it’s okay.  I’m just gonna take one step. It’s a mental conditioning that doesn’t allow your body to respond to the thoughts of fear because once you think something fearful your body will respond. 

What’s the feeling of fear by the way? fear feels how say some words Heart pounds then what sweating anxiety right rapid chest yeah, what? Gag listen ace gagging night.  What happens is your body goes into fight or flight, and you actually will your focus will actually zero down and you’ll actually be pumping adrenaline through your system, and it’s a physical condition your body doesn’t know the difference between something that you fear and something.  That’s really when it comes to danger.  

Did you know that? How exciting is that to know that you can have a? Complete freaked out because you think there’s a monster under your bed when you’re a kid versus somebody that’s breaking in through the door and your body will not know the difference in your business you’re sitting at your desk, and if you fear you’re going to lose the client does anybody else do that okay good.  We’re in the right room if you fear you’re gonna lose the client guess what happens. Yes because you make it happen as you focus we’re gonna talk about this a little later but as you focus on something you create that existence right so it’s really important to understand that you need to manage you can be brave enough to do.  What’s the right thing? Okay, so bravery.  What’s our next one? What’s the last one? Can’t cheat after you’re brave here what? Getting close getting close.  

What’s up?  I thought we had a good one.  It’s too bad.  Well, you can seem stupid other people I would agree yeah you get fearless right fearless is lacking fear you now higher at the mental state where you don’t even associate the fear you want to allow yourself to go there right you look at your financials sometimes and the financials kind of suck And then you have a well-meaning spouse that might say what to you what’s that get a real job, they don’t say just get a job they get a real job right anybody ever heard that say yes and you will have to be courageous um you know and you’ll have to be brave you may even be fearless but when you get to the place where? Failure is no longer an option. 

You can’t entertain it anymore you’re fearless you don’t feel the pain your body doesn’t go through the pain you just go and do the action okay? In the military they train people to be fearless you know at a high level so if you go to the high end you know military Organizations, you know Navy SEALs and stuff they train them to be fearless. They do they try and get them to the place where they don’t think them up the risks that they’re gonna go through because once they start to entertain the risks they can’t do their job focus change means I’m gonna focus in on my fear so, therefore.  I can’t focus on it.  I’m doing my job, right fearless is a decision on focus it’s not that any of the risk is changed through this whole process’s just how you’re processing it.  So how are your skills at processing your? How are we doing?

You know when you’re having a freakout moment you catch yourself before after a drink each a little bit of everything right because we’re human beings it’s a real journey when you have positive psychology and you don’t use it.  What are you doing? Feeling foolish Right, but we get into patterns of thinking that we allow ourselves to go into, and then we choose to go down this path and so that one. Right if you want to have a bold 2020 you can have to master a few things right I want you to know the journey Because the journey is really all that we have2016 is going to be a great year, and you just get to decide how you’re gonna play the game Mm-hmm now, what are we gonna do with all of that for bold well?

Let me give you a couple of things although it is bold for a husband to say to his loving wife that she looks fat in that dress That’s just stupid right so being boldOkay is not one of those things where we think that we go out, and we tell somebody what they need to hearBeing bold is internal thinking bold enough to stand your ground being bold enough to ask for what you need in relationships being bold enough to actually ask for what you need in your business and get the resources being bold enough to decide what you’re gonna do in your business is the thing that’s going to be important for you this year right because there are lots of different stories that we can talk about being bold but in the process of all that we have to manage fear, and we want to make sure we go through that now let’s talk about a few of those five lovely things.  I’m gonna do some doodling on the wall. 

We go um you wall their number one strategies key number one I put this one down here for a reason one of the top strategies that you will need to live a fantastic life this year and be bold is a defined and bold dream something that inspires emotion in you that you can get your whole body brain and heart around it needs to inspire you why because the goings going to get tough, and if you don’t have a dream that’s big enough it will get squished in no time here are lots of lovely people around you that would love to help you steal your dream, but now they’re not stealing your dream you’re just probably gonna give it to them and you’re gonna relax and go back to the old way so if you’re gonna fight back you have to have a big dream so you got a piece of pen and a piece of paper piece of pen.

What’s a big dream? What’s a big dream own a house could be yeah? Mm-hmm, find your name on the website write be able to be found.  That’s a dream.  That’s quantifiable, but a big dreamI’m thinking more of something else right for what purpose why would you write the book? Bingo right there that’s it so it’ll make a difference in their life and get them reading something that’ll get them on the journey of reading, right your big dream has to be attached to something. 

That’s got some juice around it for you right you have something inside of you right now that’s already telling you what you want to do but to set a goal is one thing to set a big dream is something that you can’t actually achieve all by yourself usually right so I have a big dream.  It’s probably not going to be accomplished this year I have a vision for our company.  That’s huge not just you know two or three locations but I’ll take steps this year towards that and that’ll make me inspired to move forward on that so your big dream has to be ostentatious? The kind that you wouldn’t want anybody else to read because we’ve so crazy right how many people have a dream that’s that big that they wouldn’t want somebody else to see right that crazy that if you turned around and you know you had the choice of being successful economically or turning around and fulfilling the dream.

You take to fulfill your dream right, that’s what you have to do and by the way, dream building is a skill set dream building is a very big skill set that you have to master.  How do you do that? What are the technical skills for that? Got to have some ideas got to get some information absolutely what else imagination is actually something we did as kids. I was accused of being in fantasy land most of my life when I was a kid but it was great training for being good at dreaming big you know it’s taking the time to slow down from your day-to-day and actually spending 15 to 20 minutes where you’re actually concentrating on you are dream dreaming about what it could be getting yourself a life Journal figuring out what’s important starting to write it down starting to draw it all outStarting to believe that it’s possible starting to understand who you are in the dream what your role is who are the partners? 

Who are the players? Understanding your dream is a big thing how many people take the you know an hour for themselves a week? Where they’re spending on dreams and goals and you know where your business and life are going right? Yeah? include that in there because the more times you dream about it the bigger the dream gets number one So that’s part of what we have to do number two ironclad confidenceIronclad confidence, why did it put down ironclad confidence? right you know when you’re building your life you’re gonna have all kinds of influences some which will dick you in your direction some will take you away from your direction, and if you don’t have an ironclad confidence in what you’re doing you will be requesting yourself every time somebody says something to you so you have to be bold? Crazy about what you’re doing and not that you won’t listen to othersBut you don’t let it in and let them take it to take it away how do you do that? How do you get your self-confidence level? 

Affirmations I do it yes, what else Psychiatrist you work on your own personal psychology absolutely, right self-talk yes stay focused we’re gonna get to focus for sure yes Practice with me my practice Yeah, I’m gonna trouble that yeah yes because that will actually give you the steps to do it, it’s a little bit easier to bite into right option mm-hmm action does build your confidence but at the moment that you’re up against heavy-duty stress, and you’re looking at your stress what do you need then?

The mission statement would be good it probably won’t do anything when you’re in the trench, though you have to have a good dream I encourage folks in a very concrete way to write down 50 things that they have accomplished in their lives be them big or small50 different things have a list of a minimum of 50 That you’ve accomplished and done really well with parenthood yep I learned how to drive a car I learned how to I had one full year without a crash you know whatever? Whatever it is to you.  There’s nothing too small nothing too big now why do you need that list it’s your list that you pull out when you are in boohoo mode Yeah be a tea party for one table there because you will have that and you will forget who you really are in that moment and youNeed to remind yourself that you did great things all the way up this journey to get to where you’re at because you will forget in the moment when you’re looking at that immediate time that immediate space the thing that you’re doing at the moment.

Right because your focus will be off your history and on to your future, but your present gets in the way and you lose all context then you’re in the mix tamarack and whatever so you want to know that that simple list can remind you when you’re having a down moment It can help you keep going and it can keep your ironclad confidence there right another simple step would get people around you that are willing to tell you exactlyWhen you’re doing the boohoo that you need to spend over Right and not the people that are nice enough that they won’t turn around tell you the truth the ones that are gonna say your attitude sucks.  

It stinks change it or I’m gonna slap you find somebody that cares enough to tell you the bold truth right and give them full permission to let you knowWell, that’s a lie that sucks, that’s garbage right and you need people in that in your life to do that because good friends have a hard time saying that the people because they’re worried about their emotion, but you need that for your iron kid confidence, right number three, determination I know there’s a lot to be said about determination and you know when you bumped into somebody who’s really determined to create great results on their life because they have that kind of edge to them right and they are focused on where they’re going and on the journey to being focused there are a lot of distractions so what I’m going to ask of you to do is to write down a list of everything that you’re tolerating in your life coloration are allowable distractions we allow ourselves to be distracted with Toleration the things that we tolerate that could be I tolerate this individual who speaks negative into my life all the time.  I tolerate my bad behavior about showing up late all the time.  

I tolerate my continual journey down you know self-pity thing and spending all the time doing that I tolerate my story that I won’t want to get help or I can’t get help because I’m too far gone I tolerate the fact that I think I’m too smart for everybody else Thump did that hit a little bit you know we all have toleration is every single one of us, and there are reasons for those but usually, cap wrapped around our toleration our excuses for failure, not our reasons for success I don’t want to hurt so and so’s feeling I don’t want to hurt my feelings I don’t want to deal with that right now, so what are you tolerating write down the top two things don’t show anybody? What do you what are you tolerating in your life? What distraction are you allowing in your life for the novelty of keeping you off course? I’m speaking from experience folks.  This is not me pointing at you.  This is us going down a journey yes they are slightly different, they actually work distractions can be all over the place and you can choose to look at them or not frequently Toleration are a distraction and we use them as a distraction so we can keep off course because we’re not ready for a sick well yeah, we call them excuses.  You know all kinds of brands for them, but they’re all colorations I don’t have this.  

I tolerate that I don’t have thisSay those words, I tolerate that I put up with this lousy relationship.  I tolerate that I do this I tolerate that I do that take some ownership its ownership is what it is in your own personal life if you’re whining and somebody catches you then you have to honestly say I tolerate thisThe first step is recognition if you’re tolerating it probably is you know taking away from your greatness, and it’s your choice coaching 101 Yeah, I hate it, Mike I hated my a facilitator when we start talking about coaching colorations, tooBut you know toleration ‘s have a purpose because they keep us safe over here and the goal here is for you to actually know what your toleration ZAR because you don’t really acknowledge them then you’re wandering around an autopilot, and you’re gonna wonder why you can’t succeed it’s just toleration so why do you keep bad clients? Why are you tolerating people that abuse you? say hey we’ve all had those why do we tolerate bad clients because I need their money, and I like to be treated like garbageOh, you don’t usually say the last part dear right, but that’s it so toleration is writing them down and then you have to look at it every day for the next 30 days.  I want you to look at it read it out loud and if that doesn’t make you throw up phone me, I will help youYeah, yeah because you know what it’s keeping you away from everything you could be and you have something to do in your life if you’re just gonna go and coast in your life and stay in mediocrity take all the toleration you can handle whine as much as you want to?

Complain and get yourself wrapped around a whole bunch of people they’re gonna soothe you keep you stuck where you’re at its just a lousy way to live because you will wake up one day realizing.  You’ve wasted time and time the only thing we don’t have any control over in this life someday.  I’m gonna wake up.  I’m gonna be one-year older someday, I’m gonna wake up and be dead know somebodyI’ll be waking up and enjoy my life the way I saw it happening in that day see every day.  I wake up.  I choose to enjoy my life I don’t worry about retirement because my plan is to just enjoy it all the wayI’ll be busy right.  

I think retirements overrated actually determination, not for any of those are planning to retire, but I’m okay with that I know your financial planners get freaked out when I say retirement sucksBut you know it’s the concept of actually building up so much money that you can actually just lie around do nothing because what’s happening in your brain that has been produced to produce the money will have nothing to do now? Right, and I learned that a long time ago yeah, so we just don’t want to do that number for this is the big one so we’ve had a couple people already throw-ups awesome master your fear.  What are you scared of? What’s the one thing that you refuse to do won’t do can’t do make up all kinds of excuses think about doing and just really want to go right over the edge, and say I’ll never do that you don’t even admit it out loud, right? Well, give me some examples of what other people might be experiencing for those types of earsYouTube video yes what else cold calling, of course, yes public speaking yet rejection oh yeahStanding for what you know to be true yesYeah most of us have some kind of edge there, and it’s really bigger part beating up that big It’s usually narrowed down to some little component of that for sure yes interesting yep be put to task, yes asking for the sale these sound familiarEverybody’s got these right The key thing here is that you have a skill that you need to develop and it’s based around your fear there is something really empowering when you conquer a fear that releases energy in your life if you’ve ever seen somebody who had a fear of flying or something like that jump out of a plane they come back as completely different individuals.

Can you imagine conquering your greatest fear knowing that you are now able to conquer anything? think about that right YouTube video what if you got onto YouTube you did it a couple of times you work your way through it you threw up a few times it was all good because we always throw up when we watch ourselves on YouTubeRight we don’t want anybody to see it, and then you get to the place where you start to get into it and it feels so good to get that off your shoulders doesn’t it right and why do we have fears well because we’ve got those past failures beliefs of failures programmed to be a failure all of those different things. Yeah. What would it be worth to you?  I mean you’ve got a fear of escalators.  What would it be worth to you? imagine you know just go we’re gonna do a little bit of vision casting in the future imagine we did something where ever and A month now 30 days from now you were actually fearless on an escalator and you could bounce around you could jump on the one you could go back later right where else does the escalator show up in your life where else do you fear things for no apparent reason you see it’s a symbol for something in your life, right? Yeah, and would you be willing to give it up?

If you could replace it with something extremely powerful yeah, see power comes and letting go of these things who else has some other fears, Bob? Cool, what was that like right bingo not stupid, but fearless you know and what was it like to actually deal with the whole process of saying to yourselfI’m gonna walk on and even though I see people walking across there.  I realize that these are burning coals.  What was that like mentally? Yeah, see there’s so much that you learned going through those kinds of things because you have to deal with everything inside you that youKnow your brain is screaming.  This doesn’t make logical sense.  I understand that fire is hot that people burn I know it.  I’ve seen the pictures of people who have burns I know what it looks like I know I’m gonna recover, but yet.  I still saw somebody walk right across and have no injury and that’s what it’s like when you’re brave.  You have to deal that way through you have to go through courageous you have to go through bravery and fearless is not necessarily you know to get to the place where there you probably weren’t fearless until you ended up on the other side right you are very brave to go through and do it all and push through it because you had to turn it all off mentally and emotionally and then you got the other side and now you can claim Frank fearless which is really an exciting thought? Mastery of fear gives you the opportunity to get somewhat I call energy some breath if you will wake you up if you’re not sitting on the edge of your chair as you know a metaphor for your life, then what’s happened is you’re actually in MIT mediocrity.  

You’re sitting there going oh, yeah, cool remote who stole the remote somebody had it to me I’m bored silly this is no fun you have to get something.  That’s gonna make you wake up something.  That’s gonna challenge you a little bit right how many people here could actually see me.  Not as a speaker like being very difficult operation as the speaker say yes right it wasn’t that long ago that I was extremely awkward as a speaker Yeah, Yeah, you guys if you know you get me upfront here, and you think I got it all put together I remember not having it all together.  I remember being in a corporate office It was probably only 10 by 10 and there are four people in there and I had my first opportunity stand up and speak something that I read and I read it wrong and it wasn’t good, and I can barely breathe and I sat back down and I said oh god.  That’s over It wasn’t that long ago right so conquering fears allows you to stretch it allows you to go to the next level so which one of your fears? Would you be willing to commit – in the next 60 days? Who wants to claim one out loud in front of everybody else so everybody can hold you accountableWatch your body language folks I’ve been struggling with reviews I don’t want to and you’re getting smaller by the minute if you could shrink right down you would because it’s awkward don’t want to get the attention on me right No, this is her just claiming it, Yeah, but our bodies are responding because our brain is telling us some story behind all that right and if you got through all that what would it feel like Hmm yeah, she just wants to get him part of that who else has got another one.  

It’s a good job standing in your truth right and what would you gain like really gain? What does that mean? Ten words, or less what’s the journey here? Yep, yep, so you’re not ready today to do it in front of everybody Or would you like to what do you want to do in front of everybody come on up here? Yep just stand right beside me here in this box is the box of total honesty and empowerment so you’re in the box of total honesty and empowerment once you just to relax and breathe inJust feel all that air going right inside of you and filling you up with the truth, okay, and you can feel the power rising well up here now.  It’s coming up higher and that’s your energy starting to go and what do you want to speak truth to? What do you want to claim? I?Want to claim my ability to talk about who I really am and what I really believe about life, okay, so I want you to sum that all up and say I am I? Am Public Health a little bit these people are really safe.  Oh yeah now my story’s gonna come out I can do that here but I can’t do it anywhere else what what’s the story? No, actually I want you to know that you just gave me something because I wrote down something you took something because I am okay.  I took something from this.  I am among friends and I’m gonna take that with me Tool she just created a cool way to go congratulations way to go.  

Thank you wonderful you see we have all these resources around us all of these sources are available for us all we have to do is reach out and grab them you know standing in your truth sending in your power it’s very very important, okaySo mastering of fear gives you lots of energy it gives you lots of breath to do what you need to do so you owe it to yourself this year if you want to have a different life you need to master a fear so Mary’s gonna master fear.  What are you gonna do Mary? You have us that you’ll like the little bubble-like you see in the cartoon, and it’s above youAnd it’s filling up with words.  I just thought of it.  Let’s just speak it out loudMarie’s got a lot of courage she’s got something going on there.  What’s our last one.  Well, the last one.  I’d like you to look at is this Is we need a bounce-back plan or what I call resilience plan? why because you’re gonna make some mistakes you’re gonna blow it you’re gonna go down the hill you’re gonna.  

Envy at the bottom you’re gonna be rolling around you’re gonna be bleeding you’re gonnaBe bruised you’re gonna be damaged you’re gonna be down and out your psychology is gonna suck, and you’re gonna want to quit and that is normal it’s what you do after you catch your breath that makes all the difference because there’ll be a split second where you get to make a decision and the decision is do I carry on Get back up and do it all again or do I turn around and quit? If you take any of the martial arts one of the first things that they’re going to teach you is the attitude the second thingThey’re gonna teach you is how to take a fall? Think about that as a metaphor you for business Anybody get rejected, right? When did we take rejection training so that where you get your business license you understand exactly so you have to have resilient skills to bounce back and keep your training going to go well in business, so you need to be able to train yourself in business effectively and resilient skills make a big difference one of the greatest compliments I ever received was a gentleman that I worked with and I have a lot of respect for and he said to me that I was tenaciousMainly because I had never quit he asked me was it difficult.  Yes.  

It’s not all stars and roses Joan I mean was it something that I planned it to be no I went on a journey that wasn’t expecting you know I thought this is where I would be going and then all of a suddenI’m over here doing whatever and I’m starting to evolve sometimes you starting to journey don’t even know where you’re going you think you’re going some direction life has a different plan for you right you need to have resilient skills so you can bounce back otherwise I would not be in a really great marriage right now if I didn’t have resilience skills you know because my first marriage goes too.  Well, kind of a mess Yeah, and I wasn’t really confident that I could carry on a decent relationship and you know to bounce back and you turn around and make some changes learn what you can from your skills and carry on So what are we gonna do for a resilience plan give me some ideas? What keep you guys going? Support groups for sure yes and coach, yes, and determination will not work when you’re down in the trench you need to have something that’ll help you because you’re gonna come in your right mind what else? Clear vision won’t help you as much when you’re in the trench.  

What else you need external stimuli what else? External stimuli you need something else what else you will be able to go to that, but you need to have some outside support to get your resilience skills you need support.  We all need support anybody that thinks that they can do it by themselves in this North American culture which is what we have you know? I’m the lone ranger.  I can do it all myself it’s the stupidest thing that I’ve ever seen in my lifeLike it doesn’t work, right? You need strong people around you a mastermind of some sort.  I mean I have other coaches that coach me lots of them right why because mmm by myself? I’m in my head you know as my one coach said to me.  He’s the leadership coach He says to me rich you probably already know this we have a conversation that starts every day that starts like that you probably already know this and I said the exact same thing back to him.  Why because it’s not that I don’t see it’s I can’t see it because I’m in my situation right and when you’re down and out and Europe in the bottom and you’re kind of you know all rolling around in the muck and the Mauri are in the mud your heads kind of sucks and your brain is thinking stinking thinking you need somebody that can go dude seriously like really you need like you need something like let me give you a quick kick.  

Okay.  Let me help you up hereI’m going to pull you up dust you off and smack you and tell you to do it again right because it’s not whether you’re going to fail or not the question is how many times? Will you need to do it before you get really good at failing? fail fast move on the right so that’s bold these are the five strategies dream big get a dream work on it to get it really rocks solidMake it so that you attach to something that really is motion illegal for you get you motion going Confidence build it.  What are we gonna do there? This is review Notes 50 things okay, how many people are gonna commit to doing that by the way okay determination? Yeah, how many people would rather forget that one.

How many people are really going to consider thatYeah, well everything that you’re tolerating would be good you can start with one or two but what happens is your brain starts to think that way you’ll start to identify one or two, and then you goWhy am I putting up with this and you’ll ask yourself some really intelligent questions, and you’ll start to make changes in your life, right? Master your fear.  How many people are gonna take on something ostentation lee gross and disgusting this year right these are the kinds of things you can share with your friends on Facebook or in your groups and it really makes a difference resilience plan who are you gonna get to help you out in this journey? What’s that a partner yeah absolutely so the journey to being bold is not a solo activity.  It is not something we do together it is not something that is not going to influence the people around you it will make a radical difference you will attract better clients you’ll attract better business you’ll get better resources you’re gonna find that if you’re bold you know and go forward people will look at you and being inspired by what you do.  You don’t have to have it all.